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    TRAVEL CENTER GROUP is a company founded in 2011 in Colombia, has a competent human capital and extensive experience in the marketing and customer service sector. The company takes full advantage of its notorious experience in the field of BPO, Import and Export Management, Tourism and Customer Service, to cross borders reaching countries such as the US, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain, successfully developing a range of projects Transversals of the sector.

    Our company is responsible for providing tools and services to the Tourism, BPO, and export and import of consumer products.

    Travel Center Group SAS is the best business partner to meet the communication and marketing requirements at the service of the requirements of our national and international suppliers and consumers, increasing their sales levels conquering new markets and loyalty to their customers, through the offer BPO services, such as customer service, sales campaigns, telemarketing, collection management, import and export of goods and services, among others, proactively support our clients in achieving their business goals. We design commercial options for each project, we know that the markets are different in each country, we are qualified for any Latin American and European market.

  • Deliver effective solutions to our partners, with high commercial quality standards and customer service as added value of your company. We are an integral, flexible and permanent ally for our clients.
    To guarantee to our clients and investors, comfort, tranquility, security and satisfaction in the implementation of the TOURIST projects, BPO and Marketing services, which are projected in the long term thus marking the difference against the competition.
    For this we get 100% involved in the projects we undertake, participating as fundamental strategic partners, obtaining the optimal development of our services. We have competent, qualified personnel, with good sustainability practices and framed in compliance with the legal requirements that apply to commercial activity, contributing to the sustainable development of our department.

    Within the next 5 years Travel Center Group will have a notable presence in 50% of Latin American countries, consolidating us in the long term, as the most stable services and products marketer of the national and international market, also in the tourism sector, providing services of quality and intermediation with a high level of competitiveness and environmental, socio-cultural, economic sustainability.


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