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How much time do I have to use my vacations?

Our vacation plans are valid for 12 months.

How much time in advance can I book?

It depends on the season: Low 45 days, Medium 60 days, High 90 days.

How can I make my reservation?

You can download the reservation request from our website, fill out the required information and send it to our email

Am I required to go to the presentation of the Hotel?

The promotions that TRAVEL CENTER GROUP offers are required by both the client and their family group to assist in the presentation of sales made by each hotel the day after their arrival. It is understood that participation in this talk does not require you to buy anything extra with them. Remember that it lasts approximately 120 minutes.

Where can I check the conditions of my vacation package?

The contract includes what is included in the plan and all its conditions.

What can I do if my plan is going to expire?

If the expiration date is approaching, and you have not had the ease of travel, you can request an extension equivalent to 12 months, taking into account that you must make at least one (1) month before expiring, paying value for it.

Are tickets included?

No, our vacation plans do not include air tickets, however in our Travel Agency Travel Center, you can make the quotation of them or failing the purchase.

Can I travel without a Visa or Passport?

For the plan of Mexico it is necessary that each passenger has his Valid Passport, it is not allowed to travel with a civil identification card or registration.

For the plan to the United States, it is necessary that each passenger has his Passport and Visa in Force, if he does not have a Visa we can help him with the necessary advice to be able to acquire it as long as you request it by paying a value for said procedure.

What is a guarantee certificate and how can I use it?

It is the document that gives me the certainty that what is stipulated in the contract is fully complied with.

You can use the certificate in compliance with the reservation times mentioned in the contract.

Can I transfer my plan?

It can be done, as long as the person who is going to acquire it meets the requirements stipulated in the contract.

Can I change my plan to a National destination?

No, since our promotional plans are for unique international destinations (United States and Cancun.)

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